Outputting text to the framebuffer

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to output text to the framebuffer using the SDL and ttf
libraries. I am running SuSE 8.2. I have text showing on the screen using
the SDL_HWSURFACE flag, however, I have two problems…

1/ When I run it on X, the console input from the keyboard works fine, but
when I run it directly to the framebuffer, it doesn’t respond to the
keyboard commands and the only way to stop it is to press ctl c. (I have set
a command to stop the text output based on a keyboard input).

2/ Once I’ve run it once, if I try and run it again, it won’t until I reboot
the computer.

Why would it behave so differently on X as to the framebuffer? How can I
make it do run without having to reboot all the time?

Thanks in advance,