Overlay problem with GTK


I was able to get a decent way to use SDL inside GTK 2(at least, I can see
the sdl surface most of the time) by sending (gdk_event_put) a second expose
event (when receiving the first expose event) on my gtk_drawing_area (sdl
use his win ID by env var)
the GTK callback do a flip_surface and/or display_overlay and return TRUE to
stop possible propagation
so, seems to go like this:
on first expose : sdl_surface show, hide soon by gtk
second expose : yahoo, sdl surface stay on top

if RGB like surfaces work pretty well, i got more difficulties with overlay:
under fluxbox, when I move any window, i can’t see the overlay anymore (but
can see my sdl display surface)
unmmaping and remapping the window make the overlay visible again
under kde, i can move the window, but dowsizing the display surface (and
gtk_drawing_area) make the same problem than fluxbox do with moving windows

however, i can see some flash of overlay when moving, like there was a fight

so, if I can see the surface but not the overlay, is this an SDL issue??

or anyone have an improvement on how make the SDL surface visible ALL the


julien vary

yeah, i know the gtksdl widget: don’t seem to be ready now…_________________________________________________________________
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