Package SDL in a linux game installer?

I’m ready to ship the demo of Ankh2 (, that uses SDL
for input handling & opengl context setup.

In Ankh1 I provided a compiled version of SDL inside the installer
archive, but I’m planning for Ankh2 to NOT to ship SDL with the game but
to use the default version of the linux distro.

The most “recent” feature of SDL the game use is SDL_GetVideoInfo() to
get the desktop width/height and clone it’s resolution, but this is
provided since 1.2.7 that I think it’s available on every recent linux

I’m also planning as requirement, since I don’t want to
ship the standard c++ runtime, this requirement may change, I could ship
libstdc++ like I did for Ankh1 but I’d like to use the new improved
version since the api of the library seems stable across revisions since
gcc-3.4… I cannot follow the “autopackage” approach to provide two
binaries for and .6 because actually the game don’t build
at all with 3.3 or older gcc…

Any comment on problems I may have following this approach? :slight_smile:

I think the demo will ship anyway this way but I’ll have a few weeks to
change the build process if I find some REAL weakness!–