Parent-child SDL_Window, WindowID and SDL_CreateWindowFrom

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you will offer a way to create SDL_Windows with parent-child relationship (just like X11, DFB and so on).

I’m responsible for the reference implementation of a DTV middleware and I intend to use SDL 1.3 as one of its multimedia library.
This kind of relationship is important for me (and other SDL users, I guess).

Still regarding the SDL_Window: it would be useful if we could get its real window handler (similar to SDL_CreateWindowFrom, but in an opposite way).
For instance: my middleware could be a SDL application built as a Mozilla plug-in.
In addition it could create some SDL_Window and offer these windows to its plug-ins, but these plug-ins can be implemented using X11 instead of SDL.

Finally, I’m having some issues regarding SDL_CreateWindowFrom an X11 window and SDL_SetWindowSize.
I think that SDL 1.3 could offer a way to define flags (such as SDL_WINDOW_RESIZABLE) in the SDL_CreateWindowFrom, or maybe the SetupWindowData function os (SDL/src/video/x11/SDL_x11_window.c could consider the flag SDL_WINDOW_RESIZABLE if the window is not (SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN || SDL_WINDOW_MAXIMIZED).

Thank you for your time!
BTW, you guys are doing a great work!

Marcio Moreno