Patch with GAPI support for WinCE

At you can download a zipfile with a
driver that uses GAPI
( )
instead of WinDib on Windows CE.

It works fine on an iPaq 3630 (Arm processor), a Cassiopeia E-125 (Mips
processor) and the PocketPC 2002 emulator (with Gapi Emulator). It does not
work (that is, it defaults to WinDib) on the PocketPC 2000 emulator. The
reason is that it Loads and Frees the Gapi library when checking for its
availability and when it tries to load the Gapi library for a second time,
to create a video device, the loading fails mysteriously. This is either a
bug in the Gapi emulator or the Pocket PC emulator.

The code is not very efficient and I have not seen performance benefits. The
main bottleneck is going to be the blit from the software surface to the
hardware surface because the layout of the hardware surface is often
However in some projects that target specific hardware (or even target only
one specific machine) the code might be useful as a starting point.

Huib-Jan Imbens