Path to Android assets found but no assets are there

I put OpenGL shaders/textures under an “assets” directory in my project and verified using “adb logcat” there is a path that exists with this code:

    const char *android_path = SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath();
    SDL_Log("Path to Android assets: %s\n", android_path);

That prints out /data/data/com.voxwerks.craft/files when I build the app on my phone.

I checked the directory by going into my device path:

I’m just not seeing the assets pushed to the device at all (neither Internal or External storage), and searching around most of the info has to do with how to read/write assets using RW_Ops, but I’m not at that point yet without the assets.

I found out Android Studio has the Device Manager/File Explorer and uploaded the files from there, but now I’m having trouble reading them:

    char *path = "shaders/my_vertex_shader.glsl";
    char *data;
    char *android_path = SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath();
    const char slash = '/', null_term = '\0';
    strncat(android_path, &slash, 1);
    int path_len = strlen(path);
    strncat(android_path, path, path_len);
    strncat(android_path, &null_term, 1);
    SDL_Log("Reading from: %s\n", android_path); // This prints to Logcat and looks good
    SDL_Log("Using SDL_RWops to read file: %s\n"); // This does not print to Logcat
    // program terminates

EDIT: I found the issue was with the “%s” in the SDL_Log