PCM audio playing too fast?

I wrote a library to read unsigned 8 bit pcm audio from a old game and I stuffed the raw data into a Mix_Chunk using this code:

Mix_Chunk sfx;
sfx.allocated = 1;
sfx.abuf = (Uint8*)data;
sfx.alen = length;
sfx.volume = 32;

I know the samplerate is 10989HZ but when I set the sample rate using Mix_OpenAudio(10989, AUDIO_U8, 1, 2048); it plays the sound way too fast, am I setting the sample rate wrong or is it just SDL2 not liking PCM?

if I dump it into a file and open it with Audacity it plays just fine

I’ve never heard of such a strange sample rate, is there any chance you could test with regular rates such as 44100, 22050 etc? How did you work out 10989? Im just interested thanks.

earlier versions of the game I extracted had VOC audio which had that sample rate(and if I import the dumped file into Audacity with that sample rate they sound normal), I’ve tried those other sample rates and they are still way too fast