People still using mailing list

If you use the newsgroup or other list please ignore this

This should take care of the monthly question of is this
list still dead… at least for a while.

The list on surfnetcity is dead, a new SDL list took it’s
place at majordomo at, a copy of the
announcement follows:

The old mailing list is officially defunct, and we no
longer have access
to the old system to turn it off.
Please unsubscribe from the surfnetcity mailing list by
sending e-mail
to sdl-unsubscribe at

Please subscribe to the new mailing list by sending a
message containing
the line “subscribe sdl” to majordomo at

The messages sent to the old mailing list will be forwarded
to the new mailing list, but not vice versa, so if you ask
a question
and would like a reply, you should join the new mailing

The new mailing list has a news gate way at:

The gateway is both-ways, so messages from the mailing list
will appear
on the newsgroup, and messages posted to the newsgroup will
appear on the
mailing list.

Thank you all for your patience - the SDL community is
growing! :slight_smile:

Oh, archives… if you want to search the old archives, you
have to
send mail to the old list server. New messages can be
browsed either
via the newsgroup, or by hypermail at:

-Sam Lantinga
(slouken at

Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software–
“Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a
– Rich

-Phoenix Kokido

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