Perl & Stuff

I’m pleased to anounce that new tarballs of the SDLpl (Perl bindings for
SDL) are available at:

My many thanks to Guillaume Cottenceau, of Mandrake fame, for tirelessly
finding bugs, and submitting patches.

I’ve recently read John Hall’s book, great work John btw, and his section
on scripting languages has inspired me to address the difficulties of
using perl as a scripting engine for games. (namely XS programming,
and the scores of ugly macros.) I have begun a rewrite of the SDLpl
code, specifically creating a new library libSDL_perl to ease the creation
of new interpreters and integrating it into game engines.

I hope to transfer my current development CVS branch to my webserver
sometime this week. One thing I would appreciate from people on this
list are their suggestions, recommendations, and gripes about the features
and mis-features necessary in a successful game scripting environment.

(please mail me personally if you have something to say)

David J. Goehrig dave at

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