Photo-show maker under Linux


I’m looking for a (free is possible) software under Linux to create and
play real photo-show (slideshows), that is a collection of images linked
together by smooth transitions, along with some music (e.g. mp3 bits)
and with dynamic smooth scrolling/zooming and all sort of fancy things.
I want more than one of these HTML image gallery maker (still, something
like the WireFusion SlideShow – – would be good), I’m
not sure I can use the standard office solutions (e.g.,
and probably that a video tool would be overkilling (I don’t want to
create a movie at the end, but something to show on a computer).
Overall, SDL seems to be a good starting point for that…

Do you have any suggestion? Some search on the web lead me to MinDia
(, the already mentionned WireFusion, or
MyShow (, but nothing really fits what
I’m looking for. slideshow ( is based
upon SDL but it looks like it’s more office-presentation oriented.



PS: if you know of a newsgroup where this question would have more
chance of being answered, please let me know.