Pixel Perfect Collision with SDL2


i’m looking for a library that allow to do Pixel Perfect collision detection in SDL2.
I found some informations related to bounding box collisions or circle collisions, but nothing easily related to Pixel Perfect Collision Detection.

I would like to make large objects colliding, but this could be very resource consuming and calculations hungry.
Moreover, things get complicated the if colliding objects are rotating or scaling.

What’s the best option to do this with SDL2?

Thank you very much

Tried some options withous good results.

I would like to implement collision detection via ChipMunk physics library.

Any sample or base code to use SDL2 with chipmunk?

Thank you

Hi, since this is a classical problem, did you have a look at answers like this one ?

Thank you for the reply.

No, i haven’t found this answer before.

I used to apply pixel perfect collisions in Flash using Nape physics. Speed where great an the collision type where perfect (concave/convex object - irrregular form …) even with big objects scaled or rotated.
Moreover, nape have a nice features that converts a bitmap into a physics body on the fly.

I’m trying to use chipmunk now, that seems to be supported and cross-platform.

I can’t find a ready to use simple example for SDL2, btw. An example that implements a sort of debug draw.