Plugins system

A plug-in system is usually so much of a special case that application
programmers usually write their own. I don’t recall SDL having a dependency
on KDE or Gnome, so I don’t understand your need.

That doesn’t mean I can’t help you: Jeffrey Bridge recently posted about a
set of functions for dynamically loading code in a platform-independent way.
If you can’t find his post, e-mail me and I’ll send you what he sent me and
hopefully it will be a good start for you.–

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SDL library is making every day bigger and contains more and more
functionality. This makes big problem for distribution providers because
almost every functionality requires external libraries. Part of users
wants KDE, part wants gnome etc. So if I want to provide aRts
functionality in SDL to one part of users and esd functionality to other
part of users etc. I need provide SDL package in few copies (one without
arts and esd, one with arts and without esd, one with esd and withour
arts and one with both - arts and esd . uff).

That’s why I thing that SDL needs kind of plugins systems. For example
avifile library (0.6 cvs version) has such nice system.
dlopen()s plugins from /xyz directory (and these plugins are linked with
external libraries). Now distribution vendor can provide small packages
plugins only. What you think about such idea? Of course there will be
problem with creating such system to be portable but of course it will be
nice if such system will be optional (at compilation time).

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