PolyFonts update

I have posted a new version of polyfonts
(http://gameprogrammer.com/polyfonts/polyfonts.html) . The main change
is that you can load a font at runtime. Polyfonts are real .c files that
you can compile and link into your code. But, they are mostly just data
files with lots and lots of point data and a little font information. It
was pretty easy to reformat the .c files so they can be read as a text
data file as well as being proper C code. So, I did just that. I have
added a pfLoadFont() and pfUnloadFont() function to load fonts at run
time. These functions are simple and small and add little overhead.
Nothing else depends on them so if you don’t need them you can remove

I have added several hundred more fonts in separate downloads. Turns out
the fonts from OpenOffice.org can be used under either the GPL, the
LGPL, or the SISSL. So, I converted them and have made them available
for down load.

If you have ever googled for free fonts you have probably run across
http://www.larabiefonts.com/ and looked at the huge collection of fonts
that Ray Larabie has developed. I have been given permission to include
his entire collect of fonts in PolyFonts. Anyone using PolyFonts has
permission to use the fonts pretty much as they see fit. See the
discussion of licenses on the PolyFonts web page for more information.

Finally, I got really tired of typing those long font names, so I
shortened them up a bit.

	Bob Pendleton--