Possibility of adding Vita port

I would like to make a pull request to include support for the PS Vita platform into mainline SDl2. The code somewhat mirrors what was done for the PSP some time ago. There are not very many additions, just a line of code here and there, a few new files similar to the *psp* source files, and a Makefile.vita similar to the existing Makefile.psp.

Are the devs open to this?

If yes, how should I go about it?

I am using GitHub but I could generate a single mercurial patch titles “add PSVita support” that includes all the changes. But where should I upload it for review?

( Hope this will be included in mainline ! )

Go ahead and add it to bugzilla:

We’ll be happy to include it in the mainline if you’re willing to support it going forward. Please send e-mail to me and Ryan with your desired Mercurial repo username and password.