Premake 5 for Demo and Tutorial Deployment

Can it be that hard to deploy a working premake config just for Windows/Mac and Linux?
I did the Linux part and found it pretty much straight forward.

  -- linux library cflags and libs
  configuration { "linux", "gmake" }
  buildoptions { 
    "`pkg-config --cflags sdl2`"
  linkoptions { 
    "`pkg-config --libs sdl2`",

But I can’t really find solutions for Mac and Windows.
Yes I saw renpy’s repo and I checked most of the messages here, that were mostly about build SDL2 with premake.

On MacOS
links { "/Library/Frameworks/SDL2.framework" }
enough? Or it needs to be like that?

configuration “macosx”
links {“OpenGL.framework”,“CoreFoundation.framework”,“SDL2.framework”}
configuration {“macosx”, “gmake”}
buildoptions {"-F /Library/Frameworks"}
linkoptions {"-F /Library/Frameworks"}

And on Windows I am pretty much clueless for the moment.
Can anyone help?