Problem: Couldn't create window


I am just a newbie to SDL, but I have read many postings as well as the
documentation and I must say that I am impressed. I am interested in
wrapping some of SDL to the Eiffel programing language for win32 and so
far so good. I mildly tested the initialization using SDL_Init(flags)
method and the audio, cdrom and timer appear to initialize alright, but
the SDL_INIT_VIDEO flag returns a ‘couldn’t create window’ error
message. I have tried equivalent code in MSVC++6.0 and it works fine so
I know this is not a system limitation. My question is this:
Eiffel makes use of the same win libraries and so forth, so I am just
wondering if I am missing something in my compilation or if anyone knows
of what would commonly generate this error message.

Thanks in advance