Problem with keydown event


I’ve been having problems with SDL keydown event.

Actually, the event happens just fine, only that event.key.keysym.sym is
always zero, no matter what key is pressed.

This happens only when using fbcon. In X11 it works fine.

Can anyone reproduce this ? It’s affecting games such as circuslinux.
(Oh no!:wink:

I’m using the latest SDL from CVS (got it today), linux 2.2.18 with the matrox
framebuffer compiled (I have a millenium I card).–

   -Count Zero-
 	"On receiving an interrupt, 
		decrement the counter to zero"

BTW: When playing circuslinux in fbcon, I see some tearing-like effects in the
mouse cursor (in the menu). This happens in other games too. The matrox
framebuffer driver says it supports hardware cursor. Does SDL make use of this