Problem with the taskbar (Windows XP)


I have a problem using SDL with Windows XP. If i create a window …


… the windows taskbar freezes without putting the application into it. I have to resize the window one time to make everything work. If i minimize the window and maximize it again, the window stays black - again i have to resize it to make the graphic stuff visible again. With Windows 2000 everything works fine. Just to answer further questions in advance - yes, i recreate the screen and all textures.

And the third thing - the manual says that the state of an SDL_ActiveEvent can be SDL_APPMOUSEFOCUS, SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS and SDL_APPACTIVE. But SDL_APPACTIVE is only thrown together with SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS and the other way round. Means, state is either SDL_APPMOUSEFOCUS oder (SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS | SDL_APPACTIVE).

Does someone have similar problems? I found a four-year-old thread, which describes the same taskbar problem, but no solution was mentioned. I will take a look at the source code, maybe it is a bug.