Problems in the construction of the SDL_image-1.2.4

Hello to all of the list, I have attemped to construct the SDL_image-1.2.4 in GCC 3.4.2 without success, compel the SDL-1.2.4, SDL-1.2.6 and SDL-1.2.8 and in all the compilations the error is the same in the hour to start to compile the SDL_image-1.2.4: “undefined reference to SDL_Error” in the IMG_bmp.c file.
What I must make to obtain to construct and to compile the SDL_image-1.2.4. The commands in configure it:
. /configure – prefix=c:/dev-cpp/bin/mingw – enable-shared=yes – enable-static=no – disable-nasm
The commands in configure it for SDL_image-1.2.4:
/configure – prefix=c:/dev-cpp/bin/mingw – with-sdl-prefix=c:/dev-cpp/bin/mingw – enable-static=no – enable-shared=yes
Somebody can help me?

Thanks a lot.---------------------------------
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