Problems (somewhat) solved

Some time back I wrote asking about SDL compiling but not working. No
version was able to get anything graphical to work, at least straight out
of the compressed file.

What I did was take out the X DGA config section in the configuration
script. Most of the demos played fine, a few segfaulted, and a few
makefiles had to be touched up (I forget which), but the water, fire and
most other demos worked just fine.

I don’t know why DGA works on ldescent but not on the SDL libs. It is
baffling, but I won’t think too hard about it for a little while. I am
using Red Hat Linux 5.1, a Matrox Millenium I w/ 8MB WRAM, an Alpha
computer, egcs-1.0.3(b?), XFree 3.3.2.

Is there a way the configure script can ask if we want DGA to be used?