Problems with SDL for MinGW / MSYS

I’m trying to setup SDL for MinGW compiler using the MSYS environment.

I downloaded the development libraries:
SDL-devel-1.2.13-mingw32.tar.gz (Mingw32)
But it seems the ./configure file to run the installation is not there.

Ok. So I decided to download the full source code and use:

$ ./configure --prefix=/mingw
$ make

But I get this compile error:

./src/video/windib/SDL_dibvideo.c: In function DIB_SetColors': ./src/video/windib/SDL_dibvideo.c:951: error:SYSPAL_NOSTATIC256?
undeclared (first use in this function)

Anyone knows about these issues?
Thanks in advance,

PD: SDL with Visual C++ 2005 it compiled with almost no problems, but I want
to work with MinGW/MSYS.From: