Problems with SDL initialization

I am working on an application that uses SDL to display videos. Its name
is xine. There are many different video out plugins that are used to
display videos. One is Xv. I am working on the SDL plugin.

I have used printf statements in SDL to try and figure out where the
application is stalling. More importantly since I am new to SDL where I
am going wrong. For example, what code did I neglect to put it?

Here is the output of the application as it starts to do SDL_Init. I
have SDL 1.2.5 installed:

video_out_sdl: open_plugin
video_out_sdl: open_plugin - vo_scale_init
video_out_sdl: open_plugin - set SDL to use our existing X11 window
SDL_Init : Clear the error message
SDL_InitSubSystem: Video Initialization
SDL_VideoInit: Driver name - (null)
SDL_VideoInit: basic definitions
SDL_VideoInit: gl defintions
SDL_VideoInit: initialzed memory for video subsystem
X11_VideoInit: getting the DISPLAY environment variable
X11_VideoInit: opening the display: (null)
X11_VideoInit: creating alternate X display
X11_VideoInit: Set the normal X error handler
X11_VideoInit: set the error handler if we lose the X display
X11_VideoInit: SDL_Display: 0x816b360, socket=6, default screen=0
X11_VideoInit: Using MIT shared memory extension
X11_VideoInit: get the available video modes
X11_GetVideoModes: entering function
X11_GetVideoModes: Search for the visuals in depth-first order

What are the commons reasons for the code to stop here? What kinds of
checks should I be doing before I run SDL_Init? What kind of setup of
variables,etc. are required before running SDL_Init?

Stephen Torri <@Stephen_Torri>
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