Problems with setting up sdl_ttf


i?ve got a problem setting up sdl_ttf 2.0.9:

i?m unsing winxp and vc2008 express. sdl and sdl_image work fine, but i don?t manage to set up sdl_ttf.
i?ve installed frreetype i?ve put the ttf header file into my include directory of the sdl, the lib-file into the lib-directory, i copied
the three dlls (libfreetype-6.dll, sdl_ttf.lib, zlib1.dll) to system32 and i added sdl_ttf.lib as additional dependency at linker/input in the project properties.

while compiling, theres no problem with the #include “sdl_ttf.h”, but TTF_Init() is still unrecognized reference…

what do i do wrong?

ps: plz excuse my bad english

code that didnt work was :

if(TTF_Init()== -1) {
	cout << "fonts could not be initialized!\n";
	return (false);

but i just found the solution to my problem by pure chance while solving a completely different problem. it had to do with the vc2008 internal file managment when you import code from other projects… :frowning: now everything works fine