Problems with USB Headset Audio Capture

First of all, I would like to thx Sam Lantinga and Ryan Gordon (and all the team) for making this incredible SDL library available to everyone (and updating it :D).
Second, sry for my bad English.

Well guys recently I downloaded the new SDL 2.0.5 to test the audio capture, and tested on the computers on my university the “testaudiocapture.c”(inside SDL 2.0.5), and worked very well!!
But when I tested on my computer, I’ve got the following message:
[Image: ]

OBS.: In my house, I’ve a USB Kraken 7.1 Headset
OBS??.: On the University, They’ve a P2 headset
OBS??.: I already updated all the USB Headset drivers, everything works skype, steam, etc… except the SDL audio capture

Any responde will be great thx guys [Exclamation] [Exclamation] [Exclamation]

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University student learning SDL

Still waiting…------------------------
University student learning SDL