Program Crashing

I am new to SDL and I am trying to learn it. To that end I have been
looking at to help me. I am having trouble
with one of his lessons and I emailed him about it. He could not help me and
suggested I posted here for help.

I am running Debian Linux. I am trying to compile a .cpp file located here.
I use this syntax to compile the program “g++ -o lesson07 lesson07.cpp -lSDL
-lSDL_image -lSDL_ttf”. This works without error or any warnings. When I go
to run the program I get this error: Fatal signal: Floating Point Exception
(SDL Parachute Deployed). I then created a debug version of the program so I
can run the program in gdb and figure out where it is crashing. I found out
that it is crashing on line 161. That line looks like this: message =
TTF_RenderText_Solid( font, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy hound”,
textColor ); Then gdb gives me this error: Program received signal SIGFPE,
Arithmetic exception.
0x40777a84 in ps_hints_apply () from /usr/lib/

I’m thinking that this is a problem with the DSL_ttf library, but I can’t
figure out what. Does anyone have any suggestions on this problem?