PS2Linux SDL ./configure

Hi All,

Presently there is no README.PS2LINUX file, I would like to make one to
include in the SDL distributions.

When building my demo after ./configure (when I had disabled esd in
./configure), make, make install etc I get an error regarding
esd(/usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `esd_open_sound’) ,
this is odd as PS2Linux uses OSS, it does have some esd binaries on
the system though. Are there any other ./configure options I require?

Which ./configure command line is used to build the rpms on the site please?

I have been using this currently:

./configure --enable-oss --enable-esd --disable-alsa --disable-esdtest
–enable-video-ps2gs --disable-nas --disable-video-xbios
-disable-mintaudio --disable-nasm --disable-video-photon
–disable-video-x11-xme --disable-video-gem --disable-directx
–enable-esd-shared --enable-dlopen

It takes 3 mins to run the ./configure script, could this be optimised a
little? I noticed many lines that were not applicable to what I was
doing, but the Makefiles were still created. For example:

creating src/video/ataricommon/Makefile
creating src/video/xbios/Makefile
creating src/video/gem/Makefile

the make phase takes 13mins, so if there is any way to save 20% or 30%
of the build time its appreciated!

Now it works, but when running I still get “/dev/dsp: No such device”,
this I did not get using the rpms by Any ideas why?

Also, that text only goes to the terminal, even if I call with either
"./chaos2 2>&1 >log" or “./chaos2 2>&1 |tee log”.