PyKyra 0.1.0 the "Begin in the beginning, the King said" release

Hi! :slight_smile:

PyKyra 0.1.0, ‘Begin in the beginning, the King said’, has been released.
It can be found at

  • What is PyKyra?

      PyKyra is a fast game development framework for Python.  It is based 

in SDL and the Kyra engine.
In addition to the standard features of Kyra, PyKyra also supports
MPEG video, sound (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wav and Multichannel module files),
direct images reading and much more.

  • About 0.1.0

      This is the first public release, currently under some development, 

but already fully functional.

Get it, and don’t forget to visit the project’s homepage at

Please report bugs and/or feature requests to @Alvaro_Lopez_Ortega
Greetings, alo.

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