PySDL2 0.9.4 released

PySDL2 0.9.4 has been released.

PySDL2 is a wrapper around the SDL2 library and as such similar to the
discontinued PySDL project. In contrast to PySDL, it has no licensing
restrictions, nor does it rely on C code, but uses ctypes instead.

Version 0.9.4 is a minor feature release, bringing PySDL2 on par with
the 2.0.4 release of the SDL libraries. On top, it comes with the
following noteworthy changes:

  • new sdl2.ext.Renderer.logical_size attribute to set or retrieve the
    logical pixel size of a renderer
  • fixed issue #48: be more noisy about DLL loading issues
  • fixed issue #72: not available on
  • fixed issue #76: define missing SDL_PRESSED and SDL_RELEASED constants
  • fixed issue #83: fix compatibility with newer PIL versions in
  • fixed issue #84: The setter of sdl2.ext.Renderer.scale works properly
  • fixed issue #87: fix incorrect MIX_INIT_* constants in sdl2.sdlmixer
  • fixed issue #88: use PILs Image.tobyte() instead of the deprecated
  • fixed horizontical and vertical line drawing in sdl2.ext.line()
  • fixed a bug in sdl2.ext.Renderer.draw_line() for odd numbers of points

You can download it from
or The documentation, listing all of its
features, can be browsed only at

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Very good. In the future I will very likely use PYSDL because I hate PYGAME. The PYGAME website is awful! If PYSDL is any good I might volunteer to maintain wikis and the website. Start a community