Q: OpenGL FSAA usage on OS X

Has anyone had this problem dealing with FSAA on OS X ? What is the
proper pixel format for Full Screen Anti-Aliasing with the nVidia
6800 ? I have sent out an email to the mac-opengl list a month or so
ago without a reply and have sent a follow up previous to this one. I
can get by with the gimmick I use below but I don’t trust it :wink:

I’m using OS X 10.4.2, XCode 2.0, on a PowerMac Dual G5 2.5GHz with a
nVidia 6800 Ultra DDL.

The problem I’m having is full screen pixel attributes cause a
failure when NSOpenGLPixelFormat alloc is finally called. Windowed
mode using the same attributes works fine. I’ve been debugging and
searching out what may be causing this.

On a lark, I did not use NSOpenGLPFANoRecovery as I had previously
set for the NS format function. I wanted to see if it would default
to software rendering which I saw supports various multi-sampling
etc. Surprisingly, I could get FSAA full screen renders by doing that
and the frame rates seem about the same as windowed mode. I expected
it not to work at all and to be much slower. I have been trying to
use the OpenGL Profiler to find out what renderer is being used,
however, this does not seem to work without causing kernel faults. If
the system has defaulted down to the software renderer then that is
pretty impressive framerates but it is just a simple test app :wink:

So, what is the proper flags to use for fullscreen anti-aliasing
please ? Also, is there an OpenGL profiler that works with OS X 10.4.2 ?

Thanks for your attention.

Todd A. Kennard