Qtopia "widescreen" mode (rotatation)

Ok, so I’m beginning to severely regret adding this “feature”. Mainly,
because it’s becoming an implementation nightmare. Why? Because there
are three different rotations on devices today (0, 90 and 270
degrees). Together with two rotated modes, this is 9 possible ways of
blitting some image data to the screen. Currently there are 5

So once my patch is done, I would like someone else (who actually uses
/ needs the “widescreen” support) to implement the remaining 4 (this
are for 0 and 270 degree rotated displays).

I personally don’t use SDL for graphics and especially not in a
widescreen manner.

Anyhow, soon SDL_QWin.cc will have three methods - one for each
rotation. 0 and 3 have a “// FIXME: landscape” where landscape
rotation could/should be added.

Any volunteers?

-- David

P.S. 0 degree rotation is desktop (qvfb) and also the SL-A300. 270
degree rotation is used by newer ipaqs (38xx, possibly 39xx). 90 is,
of course, used on the SL-5[05]00 Zaurii as well as ipaq 36xx.–
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