ram gets really high for some reason

im making a snake game using my own custom library and everything was going more than smooth until i started messing around with sprites, and now whenever the snake moves after growing at least a couple parts, the ram goes up by somewhere around 1MB every time it moves, is there some way i can put my folders for my VS project and my library for people to check out to help me? its very messy code, but it should be easily understandable, i dont want to change the way the code is layed out, i simply want someone maybe a little more experienced to take a look(keep in mind ive been doing this for 7 years and ive learned everything from web searches and websites over the years) and tell me what i can do to keep the game the way it is but make sure it can be ran properly so i can continue developing it

ill try to put a link to my google drive where ill put the materials

here is the link to the drive, it has a rar file with the project, the library, and my vs template so you dont have to link anything, it should have all the SDL files and everything needed, im not sure if there’s anything i need to do to make it public or not, if it asks for confirmation from me, just reply here and ill do it as soon as i can