Raspberry Pi repository build

There have been some discussions here about the version of SDL available from the Raspberry Pi repository, and its support for different graphics drivers. I raised this at the RPi forum and was pointed at this information for the forthcoming Raspbian Stretch (SDL 2.0.5) and this for the current Raspbian Jessie (SDL 2.0.2).

Interestingly, the current 2.0.2 build says it is ‘compiled with X11, caca and DirectFB graphics’ whereas the 2.0.5 build says ‘compiled with X11 and Wayland graphics’. It at least confirms that X11 support is retained (which is what I was particularly concerned about) but might not please those who prefer to run SDL without X.


This is expected. With autotools, the default configuration will not include the rpi video driver unless the host is specifically named as raspberry. This needs to be update eventually.

However, before that can happen the whole OpenGL library path situation has to be resolved or all other drivers fail to automatically load OpenGL if the rpi driver is included. Because this will affect almost all video drivers, I think that the solution to this problem requires something robust and reasonably well tested which means it’s probably too late for 2.0.6.

Perhaps it’s possible to find a maintainer for a special SDL2-rpi package in the Raspbian repositories.

Just to be clear, I have no interest in ‘non-X’ operation, and am very pleased that the repo distribution is as it is. I want my app to run exactly as it does on other platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) - it uses multiple windows and OpenGL - and I’ve experienced none of the reliability or performance problems that some people have reported. Having said that, I’ve only tried the RPi 3 and it may be that earlier models did have issues.