Raspberry Pi Upgrade

Can anyone advise on the correct method to upgrade a RPI to the latest SDL version?
I tried unzipping the precompiled tarball to root as descibed here https://wiki.libsdl.org/Installation
I used
sudo tar xvf sdl-raspberrypi-3689.tar.xz
This did indeed extract a load of files into the relevant places in /usr/local
Sadly it also set the permissions to 700 all the way to the /usr folder, breaking my installation. I fixed this using another linux machine. However, I don’t think I’m actually running with the new version.
Is there a step to remove the previous version that I need to run first, or some configuration step?

You could try and create an updated .deb file. How this is done these days, I can’t remember exactly… but I’m sure it’s documented. Basically you need to increment a version number, and maybe adjust the patches they apply to SDL so it works on the new version.

Thank you very much
I managed to build from source in the end.