Render performannce on macos


I’m using SDL2 2.24.2 with the same largeish code base, over several versions of macos/Xcode with no problems at all.
I’m running on a 3.3Ghz 12-Core Intel Xeon-W using a an AMD Radeon Pro W57000X 16GB.

I would like to use the latest version of SDL2. However every subsequent upgrade (including 2.28.2) which link and runs fine, produce much worse render/drawing performance on the same
set of tests. The Xcode CPU monitor jumps from 50% use to over 200% when rendering the same graphic scenes. Audio seems OK.
I’m using the same code i.e. the same SDL2 initialization code in each case - for SDL2 versions above 2.24.2 do I have to do something extra?


It definitely shouldn’t deliver worse performance.

Does the profiler reveal anything? What does it say the most CPU time is being spent on?

Well I put both versions in the instruments time profiler and the timings are virtually the same. The profiles also look very similar - same sort of percentages

There does seem to a change in frame rate/distribution though. The change in performance that I (still) obsereve is registered by Xcode’s CPU navigator (which might be a bit flakey), and the animation appears jerkier.

I’ll keep looking though - my main question that do I need extra code has been awnsered though