Rendering problems on Ubuntu

Hello to everyone,
I’m trying to develop a kind of remake of the old 2D Pokémon game for gameboy, using C++ with the SDL2 library.
I think there is some problem with the Linux drivers to render textures on the screen.
I would have attach a small video of 2 minuts to show you what happen, but I can’t because I’m a new user at the moment. It seems that a certain point the system stop to render the textures of the tiles. In particular, I’m using a map with 100 rows and 50 columns and the tiles from row at index 49 to row at index 57 are not correctly renderer to the screen.
This is very strange since I compile and run the same code on a Windows machine without having any trouble!
Can anyone tell me such behavior from what can be owed?
I am willing to send you the code through e-mail so that you could see by own!
Thank you