[REPLY]-->[dfrizel] SDL2 does not initialize at all and t

:slight_smile: - Those files are most probably not your problem + you get a lot of debug information… dlopen, malloc and such things are all basic linux libraries where you just don’t have the files. Unless you want to go into linux compiling you’ll probably not have contact with those

as for your problem:

#0 ? 0x00007ffff7b227cd in SDL_DestroyRenderer_REAL (renderer=0x7) at /home/devesh/downloads/SDL2-2.0.3/src/render/SDL_render.c:1841
#1 ? 0x0000000000401ad8 in close (gRenderer=0x7, gWindow=0x2) at src/nibbles.c:272

I assume you have a event handler at nibbles.c Line 272?
Check what you do there.

Also this function:
int init(SDL_Renderer * gRenderer, SDL_Window * gWindow)
will not work as you expect it. The create renderer and window within the init will be lost and gRenderer and gWindow will still be 0 outside (or whatever they were before you called init).

What you want to do will require some pointer magic (not a good idea), global variables or a struct and the use of &


ps: also please reply via the form. The readability would improve (hopefully) and you can prevent topic duplication.------------------------
void (*segfault)(void) = 0;
int main(int argc, char **argv){segfault(); return 0;}
//Should not work, but does what told :slight_smile: