RES: testalpha.c and a left-handed mouse user

just one question
how can i apply this path?
i need some program or what?

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De: John Popplewell [SMTP:john at]
Enviada em: quarta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2002 13:13
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Assunto: [SDL] testalpha.c and a left-handed mouse user


in win32, using the directx drivers only, the testalpha program draws a
yellow, alpha-blended ‘light’ sprite when mouse-button 1 is pressed and
a black rectangle if any other mouse button is pressed (including the
mouse wheel). This behaviour is reversed in fullscreen mode when the
mouse is set to left-handed.

X Window behaves as you would expect.

Looks like another DirectInput related problem.
Enclosed patch fixes it,

John. << Arquivo: left-handed-mouse-patch.diff >>