Resizing the Gears example (fwd)

Under linux, re-calling setVideoMode DOES NOT kill the context, so
textures would be loaded twice…

Under Windows it DOES destroy it.

Since when? Unless Ive completely missed something, it does destroy
the context, or something equivilent. Go setup a test case, where you
resize the window via setVideoMode, and try to use a previously set
texture, it wont work.

Well, my own apps will resize perfectly well after setVideoMode on
linux X11, (I mean only the size changed, not the depth or anything
else) it's also ok at toggling fullscreen without changing depths.
Is this working just by chance ? (I wrote tenths of apps like this)

On windows the same apps lose their textures and get invalid handles
(say, for display lists) at resizing or fullscreening with setVideoMode,
both without changing depth or whatever.

I'm mostly annoyed of not having the fact that GL environment is
preserved or not documented in SDL doc.

Wouldn't the perfect functions that we need be something like :

SDL_Surface *SDL_ResizeVideoMode(int width, int height, bool fullscreenflag);

that would preserve GL context on any platform ???On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Patrick McFarland wrote:

On 04-Jun-2004, Vasileiou Nikolaos wrote:

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