rott-1.1.2+svn273_win32 still shows SDL errors

Hi there,

I’ve downloaded this source port:
but when I play the game says that is needed some SDL files.
The author’s page refers to the SDL files in the following links:

I’ve downloaded all DLL files from the official pages that I’ve mentioned above.

But the game says that is needed SDL.dll and SDL_mixer.dll (not SDL2.dll and SDL2_mixer.dll)

So, I’ve intented with and old from 2013 that I’ve downloaded from here:
And the SDL.dll error is gone.

But now the last one DLL needed is the SDL_mixer.dll
So, the last try that I make was rename the SDL2_mixer.dll to SDL_mixer.dll but the error now says:
SDL_getenv: Procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library.

I’ve intented searching for a SDL_mixer.dll but Google always shows me SDL2_mixer.dll in the results.

I can’t figure out where can find the correct SDL_mixer.dll file
Please, halp :disappointed_relieved:

It’s may be using older versions of SDL and SDL_mixer. Have you tried downloading SDL_mixer 1.2?