Sample size in SDL_LoadWAV

Thanks to Patrice Mandin for pointing out that the MINT and Mac ports are
interrupt based. I now have a working SDL audio layer for the XBOX!
Woohoo! The only downside at the moment is that I can’t play with a
sample sizes of greater than 1024 (or I hear lots of pops/squeaks).

Along those lines, if I use SDL_LoadWAV() to get the WAV data, it sets
spec->samples to 4096. I am not sure what happens with this value, as the
call to SDL_LoadWAV() is after my call to SDL_OpenAudio(). All I know is
that when I try to play the resulting data, it doesn’t sound correct.

If I read the WAV data directly from the file (ie. don’t go through
SDL_LoadWAV()), it plays perfectly.

If it helps, I initialise using:

desired->freq = 44100;
desired->format = AUDIO_S16LSB;
desired->channels = 2;
desired->samples = 1024;

and my obtained spec looks exactly the same. Any thoughts or advice would
be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.–
Craig Edwards