Scons cant find SDL2 and addons

I made a SConstruct file for my project and it worked fine some time
ago. Then I reinstalled system (using Fedora 19 now), updated to latest
SDL2/image/ttf/etc code and same SConstruct file fails to find SDL2 or
any other lib. this is part of the SConstruct:

env = Environment()
env.Append(CCFLAGS = [’-g’, ‘-Wall’, ‘-D_REENTRANT’])
env.Append(CPPPATH = [‘src’])

def CheckPKGConfig(context, version):
context.Message( 'Checking for pkg-config… ’ )
ret = context.TryAction(‘pkg-config
–atleast-pkgconfig-version=%s’ % version)[0]
context.Result( ret )
return ret

def CheckPKG(context, name):
context.Message( 'Checking for %s… ’ % name )
ret = context.TryAction(‘pkg-config --exists ‘%s’’ % name)[0]
context.Result( ret )
return ret

conf = Configure(env, custom_tests = { ‘CheckPKGConfig’ : CheckPKGConfig,
‘CheckPKG’ : CheckPKG })

if not conf.CheckPKGConfig(‘0.15.0’):
print 'pkg-config >= 0.15.0 not found.'

if not conf.CheckPKG(‘sdl2’):
print 'SDL2 not found.'

if not conf.CheckPKG(‘SDL2_image’):
print 'SDL2-image not found.'

I have checked /usr/lib/pkgconfig and there is an sdl2.pc file there. If
I change the detection order, SDL2_image isnt found neither.–
Roger D. Vargas
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