Sdl 1.0.8 build problms wioth Code Warrior 5.3 on PC (win9x)

Hello all,

I am trying to build SDL 1.0.8 using CodeWarrior 5.3 with the supplied
project file on a pc and every time it fails …
when compiling SDL_sysevents.c

the first failure happens on line 34

static BOOL (WINAPI *_TrackMouseEvent)(TRACKMOUSEEVENT *ptme) = NULL;

where it expects a “)” ??? it there … and on all the lines above :slight_smile:
Then of course from there the file fails to build …

Having not modified the sources and having also compiled a working copy in
Visual C++ 6.0 i am slightly puzzled why this happens in CW…
Are there any settings in default project that need to be changed? does
anybody have a working project file for CW ?

Any suggestions and help would be appreciated …

John Lennard

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