SDL Executable compiled with gcc 3.2.3 under Windows XP Pro.(MinGW) crashes Windows Vista with a bluescreen!

Hello all,

I’m writing this, because I have serious problems with testing my game
on Windows Vista.
My game is cross-platform and it works on Windows 2000, XP Home & Pro.
and Linux (Ubuntu 6.06.1) with no problems.

But when I test it under x86 Windows Vista Home Premium (Build 6000)
with the current Nvidia-drivers(96.85, 96.86, 97.19, 97.27 and 97.34)
then I get a blue screen with:

STOP: 0x000000F4(0x00000003, the other numbers change everytime)

The problem occured in the task “win32k.sys”.

I noticed this bug on both of my two towers, one has a NVIDIA GeForce
5200 FX and the second one has a NVIDIA GeForce 6800XT.
Both have AMD cpus (Athlon XP 1500+ and Athlon XP 2000+) and mainboards
from Elitegroup (K7S5A and K7S5A PRO)

I have written a program, which demonstrates the problem for you.
It is very short (34 lines with much empty lines!).
You can download it from:

It has a Code::Blocks project (, alternatively you
can use the included executable and SDL.dll.

One thing I noticed, is that Rocks’n’Diamonds from:

which also uses the SDL_Init() function doesn’t crash on Vista. But the
SDL.dll in this archive has no version number and is bigger, than the
one I use. Mine is from:

When I don’t use the SDL_Init() and SDL_Quit in the example source,
by commenting these out, then Vista doesn’t crash!

Can anybody help me with this?
Maybe Sam?

Alex :frowning: