Sdl 1.2.13 spaceship example as a before conversion to sdl2 - asking for consult

I have two versions of the same example I’m altering so that people can
compare them as a guide to help them in their own conversions. For this
reason I have tried to make things very simple for those that don’t know
code well. I made the first version of this way back before sdl_image was
invented so it’s a little backwards compared to some examples. I was
working with a team that were learning design and code so compromises were
I’d really like help. Feel free to send me comments or changed versions or
whatever you like. I haven’t put any finish on this so you can see it’s not
ready for release but you can easily see what I’m doing.
issue#1>: once I mirror the other side of the primary surface (currently
blue area) will the way I have wrapped the primary surface be a useful way
to demonstrate the use of zones and clipping a viewport that easily can be
converted to sdl2? As it is I’m pretty sure it is but is there a better way?

issue#2>: I messed up the mimimap a little trying to make it simple and yet
resize correctly with different screen resolutions. Am I on the right track?

issue#4>: I have created a special insight into how time works. People do
not seem to understand that there are program cycles and then there are
monitor frame rates that make it wise not to update the screen as fast as
the computer will generate the changes when the screen will still be
utilized only 60 times per second on any standard monitor. The use of
"snapshots" will also help in understanding how to sync networked games in
other examples as well. Am I right? wrong? crazy? lol

issue#3>: everything will scale nicely with sdl2 but in this sdl1 version
will this method of simply trying to use whatever resolution the platform
uses work on Linux and mac as well?

all other issues>: bring it :slight_smile: it’s okay if you think it’s all wrong or if
you love it I will be glad to hear the opinions and see the snippets or

I have made the versions public at my website as well as forum, and free
for any use within the sdl license. thank you in advance. Many will benefit