SDL 1.2.8 MacOS X Package Problems

Great news about the 1.2.8 release… It fixes one of my biggest
problems, and it ‘feels’ much faster too :slight_smile:

There’s a couple of weird things with the MacOS X packages up at


The runtime library package ‘SDL-1.2.8.pkg.tar.gz’ seems to contain
the development files (Project Stationary, the ‘Readme SDL
Developer.txt’ file, the docs) as well as the actual SDL.framework
(with headers).

The MacOS X development package ‘SDL-devel-1.2.8.pkg.tar.gz’,
however, contains the development files (the same ones as in the
other pkg) but no copy of the framework.

Also, the project stationary looks wrong… the ‘SDL
Application\SDLMain.m’ included is definitely not the one I can see
in CVS (rev 1.13.) It doesn’t contain the CPS (docking) code which
makes the keyboard work when a binary is launched from outside an
application bundle (e.g. from the command line.) Not sure if the
other SDLMain.m’s are supposed to have that code or not?

Anyway, here’s hoping my other main problem is fixed in


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