SDL-1.2.9 with Borland C++ Builder 6 ERRORS

Dear All

The following refers to SDL-1.2.9 and the Borland C++
Builder 6--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unpacked the BORLAND.ZIP file located in the /SRC
directory to the /SDL-1.2.9

Clicked on libSDL.bpg which opens Borland C++ Bulder
Clicked on Build All Projects

The Following Errors occur.

  1. [C++ Fatel Error] aliens.c F1009 Unable to open
    input file

    The file does not exist in the source code package?

I remove the aliens.exe project with Borlands Project
Manager from the source code package ( it is only a
test program)
Then I rebuild All Projects

  1. [C++ Error] SDL_dibevents.c(187): E2342 Type
    mismatch in parameter ‘lpPrevWndFunc’
    (wanted ‘int (__stdcall *)()’, got ‘long (__stdcall
    *)(void *,unsigned int,unsigned int,long)’)
--------------------------->	return

CallWindowProc(userWindowProc, hwnd, msg, wParam,

Can anyone help?

Humphrey B Bear

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