SDL 1.3 and SMPEG

I would like to have a simple movie player in my app without a lot of
overhead, so I looked at SMPEG since it works with SDL. However, it doesn’t
appear to work with SDL 1.3. I need the functionality in SDL 1.3 since I am
porting my app to the iPhone.

Yes, I know that I can play the .m4v movies on the iPhone with Apple’s API,
but under Windows I need a different solution, hence SMPEG.

Both implementations will be wrapped in C++ classes derived from a common
interface, so it will be transparent to the app code.

Back to the issue with SMPEG. It appears to only support using a
"SDL_Surface *" to render. SDL 1.3 uses a SDL_TextureID. Has anyone found
a way to work around this limitation?