SDL 1.3 Mac Fullscreen + Book

Hi again,

  1. Mac os X bug question

  2. Advice on good book

Still concerning fullscreen support on mac os x (SDL 1.3).
I’ve found what was the difference between the 'testspriteminimal’
demo and my code.
Actually, the demo was clearing the full screen: SDL_RenderRect(NULL)
at each new frame. I tried to change that to only clear the area covered
by each sprite with SDL_RenderRect(position).
This gives the same display glitches in fullscreen mode, while it is OK in
windowed mode. I noticed that adding a 1 pixel border around the clear
area partially solves the problem. Indeed, the image seems to 'wave’
on the border of the display.

By the way, I’d like to understand something about the new version:
Is the texture mechanism only for opengl rendering ? What is the place of the
SDL_BlitSurface / SDL_UpdateRects method and is it also opengl accelerated
(on targets supporting opengl of course) ?
What is the difference between a display driver and a display renderer ?
I’m quite lost.

Can someone point me to a good book/doc to really understand the new architectures
of computer graphics. I’m lost between GPU/OpenGL/Shaders/NVidia SDK … most people talk about it on forums but they seem to not understand clearly what’s going on. I’m not searching for a book which says how to draw a vertex or so, but rather something which explains how things work in the machine. Maybe such a book will be smaller than
the Opengl red & orange books … of course when I say book it can be a good PDF document as well or a nice website.

Thanks all,