SDL 1.3 Multi-mouse not quite working


I’m trying to get the multiple mouse stuff in SDL 1.3 working. I
wrote a demo to test it out. I’m on a laptop, and my touchpad is
detected and works fine. When I use a USB mouse, the touchpad and USB
mouse are both detected and work a little strangely. They both
control the OS cursor, which controls the positions that SDL sees. As
long as you only touch one mouse at a time, the correct software
cursor moves… If you move the other mouse, it gets warped to the
position of the OS cursor, making them linked…

There’s another problem. When I add a second USB mouse to a
neighboring port (I only have 2 ports), then the two USB mice are seen
as the same device by SDL. They both move the OS cursor and the
software cursor.

Here’s a link to the code I’m using:

I’m on Debian Lenny, and I added an extra mouse to xorg.conf but it
didn’t fix anything. The two USB mice both affect /dev/input/mice,
while one affects /dev/input/mouse0 and the other does
/dev/input/mouse2. Each of my mouse listings in xorg.conf shows up as
detected by SDL. What should I do?

Jonny D