SDL 1.3 now banned from the iPhone?; {SPAM?} Re: SDL 1.3 now banned from the iPhone?

In Brazil there are many universities where Pascal is still taught in the
first programming class. But later C/C++ and Java get all the focus.

I don’t get why people still uses Pascal. I too used to program in Pascal
back in the 80s, but when I saw that C/C++ had a greater market share I
quickly left Pascal in their favor.

But I think there’s no excuse for stucking with only one programming
language. All imperative programming languages are alike, once you know one
you know all of them. Differences like syntax and libraries are solved with
practice and documentation.



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SDL 1.3 now banned from the iPhone?
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Still this is not the way to deal with developers. This should have been
communicated from day 1, not in the middle ofthe game.The thing is, most
Apple developers will complain like hell, but at the end of the day they
will convert their applications
shut off.Why do you say they suck? I don't see any major issue with
.Net/Java on the mobile space. The major complain, beingfragmentation, also
happens with native platforms, because each mobile is completely different.
Now Pascal, you are right. The last time I coded anything in Pascal was
back in 1996, while taking "Introduction to Programming"classes
and it was ISO Pascal, nothing to do with Turbo Pascal/Delphi variants.?
Nowadays as I replied on a previous thread, I don't see any
Pascal/Delphi code running in enterprises, which isn't tied to a legacy
I don't even know if there is still any Portuguese university that
still teaches Pascal.–PauloOn Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 9:59 AM, Vittorio G.
<vitto.giova at> wrote:
> I don't see why they couldn't add a Pascal/Delphi compiler to
the mix, at the very least. It isn't competition from another platform,
it's just the easiest way for a developer more familiar with Pascal than
the C family to make applications for the iPhone.

> Mono, too, why not? Java's been pretty much standard in mobile
device development for quite awhile now, and Mono does basically the same
thing as Java, so why would any mobile device NOT want Java/Mono runtimes?


because they suck? at least according to apple managers
most likely they saw at the current situation in mobile system
development and didn't like it, and as in apple philosophy they
''reinvented'' it
and by looking at the number of sales they're being proven right, so
there's little that we can do

then again i believe that they didn't include pascal only because no
one (read: no relevant portion of the market) programs in that
language any more, but they couldn't care less as this was a move
purely against java/mono/flash (at least i hope so)

just my 2 cents

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